How Firm a Foundation

Those who attack our faith would have us believe that we have nothing more than blind faith and that we are living in a “dream world” in our view of life and the future. What the world does not understand is that there is insurmountable evidence for our faith. We are not those who have bought into a cunningly devised fable that is without foundation.

Consider one aspect of the evidence for our faith and how it gives substance to all of our lives. That aspect is the many prophecies that were written hundreds of years before Jesus was born and the fact He fulfilled them all. The following is from the writings of Hugo McCord and appears in his book, From Heaven or From Men:

“If only 50 prophecies about Jesus had been made, assuming an equal chance for their happening or not happening, the law of probability against all 50 being fulfilled is that of the 50th power of two to unity; that is, the probability is greater than 1,125,000,000 to one. Then to assume that the 50 events would happen contemporaneously surpasses the power of numbers to express correctly the immense improbability of it taking place. If 100 prophecies had been made, the chance that they would happen to one man is less than the drops of water if the world were completely water. But there are not 50, not 100, but 332 prophecies about Jesus.”

Do you see the force of his words? There is not an equal chance of any of these prophecies happening. For example, the only way for the prophecy of his birthplace being in Bethlehem would be if there were only two villages of equal size with the same numbers of birth. Such was not the case as there were hundreds of towns in the Bible lands. However, just assume there were only two equal possibilities for every prophecy and still there are no numbers large enough to represent that He would be able to fulfill only 100 of them.

Now consider the nature of many of the prophecies and think of how unlikely it would be that any of them would actually happen. God foretold the place of His birth, His virgin birth, the massacre of infants, His flight to Egypt, His living in Nazareth, His riding as a king on a donkey, His betrayal by a friend, the precise number of pieces of silver of His betrayal price, the money to be used to buy a potter’s field, His silence during His trial, His death with the thieves, His hands and feet being pierced, His resurrection, etc., etc.  There is foundation to your faith!

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