Self Honesty

Self Honesty (Psalm 136-140)

One of the least appreciated character traits in mankind is the attribute of honesty! Oh, we talk about it and stress its important to our children but show an incredible lack of honesty when it comes to owning our own actions and words. To me, the biggest problem seems to be with self honesty!

self honesty

Are you ready to face up to who you truly are?

David declares that the Lord has searched us and knows us. Better even than we know ourselves! And this is more often than not the case because we are simply not honest with our-selves. We cannot hide from God, but often try to hide ourselves from ourselves. God knows us better than we know ourselves because He created us. Each new day brings us another opportunity to take stock in ourselves.

Be honest with yourself and make the changes in your life you need to make. Quit blaming someone else, or something else, for who or what you are, and take ownership, extreme ownership of your life and your souls salvation. You’ll be eternally glad you do!

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