Homosexual Love Quiz

Six Question “Love Quiz” For Homosexuals

Recently, when Chik-Fil-A founder and president Dan Cathy exercised his First Amendment right to free speech by making remarks simply affirming that he believed in the biblical definition of marriage – that defined as being that one sacred and intimate union specifically between only a man and a woman – well, ever so sadly the self-deceived and unloving homosexual lobby along with their approving and ungodly counterparts which make up so much of the so-called ‘mainstream media,’ went to work to once again prove beyond any shadow of a doubt, the main point of this article – which is that true love is a apparently a completely foreign concept and/or experience to them. As they caterwauled and carried on with their usual, predictable, and biblically-ignorant cacophony of cries about how hateful, bigoted, homophobic, judgmental, and unloving he and all who believe as he does were, they, in their unbelievably hypocritical, hate-filled, prejudiced, bibliophobic, judgmental and unloving responses did what they always do and apparently always will do whenever faced with such: prove beyond any shadow of a doubt, their absolute lack of any understanding whatsoever of exactly what true love is, what it does, or how it acts.

Now if anyone reading this is offended by that, then I beg of you to please just finish the article and then determine whether or not the point is true. I must also say before continuing, how deeply saddened and sincerely sorry I am in some ways for the those who practice this abhorrent sin; not only for their eternal destiny (obviously), but also for the fact that the vast majority of them apparently do not have any idea whatsoever about what real love is, or how to react to it when ultimately faced with it. It seems that for the most part, many of them simply do not possess the capacity to either understand, receive, return, or properly respond to, real and sincere, genuine true love. And again, if anyone thinks that that is an unfair or factually unfounded statement, I would only ask that you simply and honestly consider the following, multiple choice, “Six Question Love Quiz For Homosexuals.”

Question #1: Let’s say you live in residential ‘row housing’ within the city limits. In front of your house there are two lanes of traffic going in each direction with cars parked along the curb in a continuous line. You are sitting on your small front porch watching the traffic fly by when suddenly you see your three year old child’s ball that they have been playing with roll off the porch, down the steps, along the walk, between the parked cars and into the two lanes of traffic. Now, which of the following is the most loving? Do you:

A). Shout out a warning at the top of your lungs to stop them from their deadly and destructive pursuit as you sprint out of your chair and down over the steps to do whatever it takes to stop their headlong rush into certain death in pursuit of that which they most treasure – this despite their probable piercing protestations to the contrary regarding your unwelcome and unwanted intervention?

B). Say nothing at all but just watch what happens next with very little interest in interceding to prevent the impending disaster, because you’re the type of person who believes that everyone has the “right to choose” and to do as they please no matter the lives it costs? (After all, it isn’t like they’ve insisted that you join them in their fatal pursuit anyway.)

C). Encourage and support their decision of certain death and self-destruction by purposefully throwing their ball towards the street, telling them it’s okay to chase it and that nothing will hurt them in their pursuit, even going so far as to seek to shame and silence any concerned neighbor who might possibly become aware of what is happening and suddenly seek to intervene and shout out a warning to stop that very action which will surely lead to their sudden death?

Which of the above answers, A, B, or C, is the most loving?

Question #2: You live in the suburbs. It’s one of those nicer, newer developments where the homes are perhaps only separated by a row of shrubs. You are out casually conversing with your neighbor one morning while her husband is working on the family car and your two families’ children are playing peacefully together in the driveway. All of the sudden, over your neighbor’s shoulder, you see one of the children go to pick up and drink from the open can of deadly poison brake fluid, just out of the peripheral vision of her husband. Now, which of the following is the most loving? Do you:

A). Scream out a blood-curdling warning at the very top of your lungs to stop them from their deadly and destructive pursuit?

B). Say nothing at all even though you know what they’re doing will destroy them in a very painful and horrific way, because after all, they haven’t insisted that you drink from it?

C) Encourage their decision of self-destruction by purposefully seeking to make sure you distract your friend by drawing her attention to another irrelevant and biblically-ignorant discussion in the meantime, meanwhile ensuring that the child engages in the deadly action that will surely destroy them?

Which of the above answers, A, B, or C, is the most loving?

Question 3: You go to visit your best friend of many years who lives on the 16th floor of an apartment building in the city. You arrive only to find the door ajar and your friend across the room with one foot out the window in their imminent and determined attempt to commit suicide by leaping to their death on the pavement below. Now, which of the following is the most loving? Do you:

A). Do everything possible in your love and power to prevent the approaching disaster that they would incur upon themselves if they continued in their deadly pursuit?

B). Say nothing at all but instead just simply stand in the doorway and watch disinterestedly what happens next without seeking in any way to intercede to prevent the impending disaster, because you’re the type of person who believes that everyone has the “right to choose” and do as they please? (After all, it isn’t like they’ve insisted that you join them in jumping anyway.)

C). Encourage and support their decision of self-destruction and certain death by insisting that it’s okay to jump, and in fact, that anyone who says any different whatsoever is simply a bigoted hatemonger who doesn’t love and support them like you do (maybe even going over to them at that point as a ‘friend’ and giving them a little ‘love’ shove in the destructive direction they have chosen, in order to show your ‘open-minded’ and overall support and approval of their decision of self-destruction)?

Which of the above answers, A, B, or C, is the most loving?

Question #4: You are a firefighter/EMT who has been called to assist on a disaster relief team called up into a recently tornado-struck and devastated area. While working to clear downed trees, you see a local resident who is about to stoop down and seek to remove a downed power line from his front walk. You know that the local power grid is still on and active. Please choose from the following, which of these three courses of action would be the most loving. Do you:

A). Do everything humanly possible to get his attention and prevent the deadly disaster that he is about to incur upon himself before your very eyes?

B). Say nothing, because after all, you’d hate to be so ‘unloving’ and ‘judgmental’ as to try to tell someone that the behavior they were engaging in would ultimately destroy them – and so, you stand by and say and do nothing in your ‘tolerant’ and ‘open-minded’ attitude… while you watch them fry?

C). Encourage their behavior, by shouting out to them when you see them stop and hesitate, to “…trust [you], it’s okay, [you] support their decision to do as they please; it’s their front walk, no one else’s, so go ahead, the grid is off, it’s okay, and that anyone who says otherwise hates them and just doesn’t want them to get their walk cleaned off anyway?”

Which of the above answers, A, B, or C, is the most loving?

Question #5: You live in the Midwestern southern states where the drought-driven wildfires have wreaked havoc on homes and farmlands this summer. Your elderly parents live therein, somewhat nearby as well, and at this point in their lives usually sleep in until around 9 A.M. You however, rising early at 5 A.M. and seeing the latest news report, learn that the wildfires are rapidly being wind-driven in the very direction of your elderly parents’ home. Please choose from the following, which of these three courses of action would be the most loving. Do you:

A). Get on the phone, and getting no answer, get in your car as fast as you possibly can and drive over to wake, warn, and get them out of harm’s way at all personal cost?

B). Not bother to warn them because you don’t want to interrupt their sleep and inconvenience them with what might seem to some to be an unloving and hateful course of action? (How is that even possible; that someone who even considers themselves remotely sane would actually have such a warped and sinful misconception of love and hate?!?)

C). Drive up near their house, quietly and stealthfully block their driveway to make sure that no one interrupts, disturbs, wakes or warns them because you support their “right to fry?” And if anyone dares to try to get by you to help them to escape the flames, you accuse those ‘unloving’ and ‘judgmental’ rescuers of being bigots and sleepaphobes?

Which of the above answers, A, B, or C, is the most loving?

And finally, ‘The Biggie’: Question #6: You have a friend or loved one who practices what God considers the abomination of homosexuality (See: Genesis 18:20, 19:1-7; Leviticus 18:22-30, 20:13; Jude 6-8).  You KNOW from even your most casual recent reading of God’s holy word, that He said time and again that those who choose to continue to impenitently practice this sinful abomination simply WILL NOT, EVER inherit the kingdom of God (See: Romans 1:18-22; I Corinthians 6:9-11; Ephesians 5:3-11; Revelation 21:8 and 22:14-15). Please very carefully consider and then choose which of the three following courses of action would honestly therefore, be the most loving. Do you:

A). Constantly and continually shout out a warning at each and every opportunity, and to do whatever you possibly, humanly can, to let those in this dire danger of fire and eternal damnation know where their destructive and deadly choice of lifestyle and course of action will undoubtedly, unquestionably, and undeniably take them?

B). Say nothing in your ‘open minded,’ ‘non-judgmental,’ and ‘to each his own’ attitude, because after all, you are a ‘live and let live’ kind of guy (or in this case, to quote an old Bond movie title, a “Live and Let Die” kind of guy)?

C). Encourage and support their deadly and self-destructive decision to pursue and practice this abomination like the biblically ignorant and ungodly politicians and entertainers who show their real hatred for homosexuals’ self destructive actions by pushing for the passage of more ‘hate crimes’ and same-sex marriage laws (like those accomplices and supporters of said sin mentioned in Romans 1:28-32)? This, sort of like the soldier I recently saw on the nightly news outside of Tulsa who was holding up a sign saying “I support Gays.” His sad sign of sin and self-deception could have just as readily and easily have read (and did indeed to those who know the bible): “I support the actions of those who wish to continue their souls’ trips into eternal destruction in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone. I do not love them enough to want to warn them of their impending doom, or to see anyone else warn them so that their souls may be saved on the day of judgment.”  In actuality it is pretty easy to see that it is all of those who thus favor, promote, approve, support, and encourage homosexuals’ self destructive actions that are the ones truly guilty of hate crimes of the worst kinds against homosexuals.

I must say that I certainly would not want anyone who would be as truly unloving as to choose anything other than “A” to ANY of the above questions ever babysitting my grandchildren. Would you yours? They would be (at the very least) indifferent and silent in the face of deadly danger, if not downright supportive and encouraging of them engaging in such self-destructive actions as: playing in traffic, drinking deadly poison, jumping out 16th story windows, playing with downed power lines, being incinerated alive, or far worse than any of the first five, choosing to engage in an abominable action that God promises will force Him to deliver those who continue to practice it over to burning and suffering forever in the “…everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels” (Matthew 25:41), where “they will be tormented day and night forever and ever” (Revelation 20:10).

Surely most anyone can agree that it is pretty easy to see when couched in these simple, common sense, and Scriptural terms, what true love both is – and isn’t. And this is why the point of this article, that we who love the Lord and the lost must continue to proclaim and defend, is that those who continue to practice, promote, and defend this heinous sin, apparently have no idea what true love is; because they refuse to warn those who are headed for eternal fire, according to God, of the danger that awaits them if they refuse to repent.

True love does not rejoice in sin but rejoices with the truth (I Corinthians 13:6). True love for Jesus obeys His commandments (John 14:6). And understanding and possessing true love for another would then mean that instead of continuing in these “same-sex” unions, if these partners truly loved one another as they claim they do, then they would want to set the pace, repent of their sin, and see their partner do the same so as to be saved, just like those in Corinth did (I Corinthians 6:11) – because they love them – instead of continuing down the road of deception, death and destruction. Isn’t that what true love truly does? Yes, it is. And if anyone who might possibly read this article thinks that it is either hateful, harsh, or unloving, I am truly sorry; sorry because you’ve apparently totally missed the whole point… but continue to completely make mine. God bless.




















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