He Never Returned to Help

The reports from Haiti are so moving and touch the hearts of those who have compassion. It is impossible for us to fully understand the depths of despair the Haitians are enduring. We eat until we are full and sleep soundly in our houses, while there are those still buried in the rubble of that land who are crying out for help.

The morning news had an interview of a man who was rescued after being buried and trapped as a building collapsed around him. Unable to stand, he began shouting and discovered that seven others were nearby. They began to shout in unison and it was not long until someone came and responded to their cries. They were able to communicate with him and describe their condition. He said he would return with others to help them escape.

Then the impossible happened. They waited and waited for his return. Hours went by, yet no one came. Darkness approached and they spent the night wondering if when the sun arose they would be rescued. Still he did not return. They still had hope, but nothing happened. They shouted out again for more help, but there was none. Finally two days later another group discovered them and rescued them.

As I listened to that story I thought of how often it is repeated—almost daily. Around the world there are those who are trapped, not by rubble, but by the sin in their lives. As they are surrounded by the consequences of sin they begin to seek help, yet those who could so readily provide it seemingly are deaf. They may stop to listen, then walk away and get so busy with other things in their lives they forget about those who lie buried in the rubble of sin.

Before we become so judgmental of that man in Haiti who listened and then walked away forgetting to bring the aid he promised, think about all those around you who spiritually are crying out for our help. Have we heard their cries? Have we listened and heard compassionately as they described the problems they had in their lives. Have we thought, “If  you were just a Christians you could deal with these things because God would help you”? Then we walked away and became so wrapped up in our lives we never came back to help.

The world is lost. It cries out for help. Let us hear those cries and respond and get help to those who are lost. We simply cannot let the lost lie trapped in darkness while we walk in the light. God help us!

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