Happy New Year! Thank You!

Thank you from Church of Christ Articles!

thank you from church of christ articles

Thank you from Church of Christ Articles!

This has been a very successful year of sharing the Gospel.  Thank you to each one of you for your likes and shares of articles throughout the year.  You would be amazed at what a difference sharing an article makes.  On a single day it can aid over 10,000 people in viewing writings regarding the Word of God.

A very special thank you from me to Aaron Veyon, Brad Harrub, Dan Jenkins, David Hersey, Doug Dingley,  Erik Smith, Garreth L. Clair, Jack McNiel, Kevin Cauley, Robert Notgrass, Sam Willcut, and Tim Dooley for the work they have put in studying and writing so they can help their fellow man.  Like me, they may take some time off from writing for periods of time, but they certainly have not taken it off from working for the Lord.  Their efforts are greatly appreciated!  I would also like to thank anyone else who has written material that has been posted to the website this year.  Our guest authors are also greatly valued.

The purpose of this website is to introduce folks to God.  It is done in our case through the writing of articles.  You may use these articles free of charge for bulletins, studies, or other means of spreading the gospel as long as they remain free.  I would ask that you do include the authors name with them.  Not for some self promoting reason, but rather that the reader may know the source and be able to search out more material from the author or have questions answered by them.  Where there may be a disagreement with the author, know the authors do not flippantly write things down, but do so after long periods of study.  Consider what they have to say and as the Bereans examine these things to see if they are so, knowing the authors are concerned for your soul and theirs.

Thank you again to all and may we all realize God is continuing to bless us each day of each new year.

Travis Main – Church of Christ Articles

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