Happy Mother’s Day

By Kevin Cauley

Today is the day that we know and celebrate as Mother’s Day. It is the one time out of the year that we set aside a day to remember and honor our mothers. More telephone calls home are made today than any other day of the year. Many will be taking their mother someplace special to eat. Children will give their mothers gifts and bid them joy and happiness.

There are others whose mothers have passed from this life to the next. While these mothers are not around for us to personally enjoy, we can certainly relish the memories that we have of their example, instruction, and love. Some will, perhaps, visit the grave of their mother. Others may simply quietly reflect upon their mother’s life. However we celebrate Mother’s Day, the good mother will always hold a special place within our hearts.

We cannot, however, be so naïve as to think that all mothers are good mothers. Sadly, there are some out there who will look upon Mother’s Day with disdain, shame, and disgrace because their mothers were less than adequate. We look around society today and see some mothers who are addicted to drugs, others who beat and abuse their children, yet others who obtain abortions and we wonder how someone could so act. The Bible calls it being “without natural affection” ( Romans 1:31, 2 Timothy 3:3). More than ever, we need Mother’s Day as a day to not only honor and remember our mothers, but as a day to set forth the example for what a good mother ought to be.

Another troubling aspect to our society is the desire of some to elevate motherhood to the only parental place in the world. Believe it or not, scientists are pursuing the means whereby a woman can procreate independently of a man. These type projects have the support of the radical feminist and lesbian groups. Some see no need for men in society at all. And if you don’t think that this is what some desire, there was a made for TV movie not too many years ago in which men were outlawed. Yes, there is a radical element in our nation that would change motherhood from what we know to be a beautiful creation of God into something bizarre and frankensteinian.

The Bible tells us of that beautiful mother who knows the importance of her relationship with her husband and honors it. She seeks godliness in her life so that she can rear her children to honor God in their lives as well. She respects God’s institution of marriage and is faithful no matter what difficulties and burdens may come her way. She knows that there is no quick and easy path through life, but that which the Lord provides for her through His guidance ( Matthew 11:30).

So on this Mother’s Day, let us remember and know what a true mother is and never seek to change God’s pattern for a good mother. Instead, let us proclaim without embarrassment, God’s plan for motherhood.

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