Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers are like blooming flowers, pretty when they show
loving hands upon their children guiding them to grow.

Mothers are like starry nighttime, twinkling ‘cross the sea
gracious acts of kindness shining bright forall to see.happy flowers

Mothers are like blowing zephyrs, tickling at your nose
whispers true of good behavior, moral equipoise.

Mothers are like raging billows, wondrous to behold
Always moving purposely, so do as you are told!

Mothers are like tiny kittens, snuggling sweetly soft
With the smallest bundles new and wriggling, giggling oft.

Mothers are like holy temples, solemn, pure, serene
Worshipping their one Creator, steady as a beam.

Mothers are like many things that never could be named.
That’s why God created them with everlasting fame.



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