Is God’s Will for Me Revealed?

How Can I Know His Will For Me?

There is no speech or language spoken anywhere on this earth where the heavens and earth do not declare there is a God (Psa. 19:1). By simply looking around, every man can know that God exists. However, though nature reveals His existence, it does not reveal His will for me. Yet, for me to serve God, I must know His will and what He wants me to do. Look at the following truths about knowing His will.

Has God's will for me been revealed?

Has God’s will for me been revealed?

For me to know His will He must reveal it to me. Without a revelation from Him, I cannot even be sure of His nature. Do I judge Him by the ravaging storms with their attendant thunder, lightning and destruction or by the beauty of the sun rising or setting? Do I judge Him by the blessings of children or by the untimely death of a child? There must be more than nature. I can know God exists, but until He shows His will, there is nothing I can do to know how to serve Him.

God must reveal Himself to me in a way I can know His revelation is really from Him. It stands to reason that part of His revelation demands that I can know that the Creator truly has spoken to me. Common sense shows that this revelation cannot be surrounded by subjective ideas which come into my head. If He fails to show His will in a way that I can know the message is from Him, then it must be given to me in uncertainty with “holy hunches” being His method. How could I ever be sure it is from Him and not from evil, anti-God forces in this world? There must be accompanying evidences of His power when He reveals Himself.

God must reveal His will to me in a way I can understand it. If God’s revelation is only to a few chosen ones, then there is no way for me to find it if I am not one of those few. If He reveals Himself only to those highly educated or those having great riches, then most of mankind will be left out. There are millions with greater education and greater wealth than me. For the common man to know His will, it must be understandable for him.

What if He has not revealed Himself? If God has not revealed His will in a way I can know it is from Him and can understand it, then I stand helpless before Him. I have no roadmap or compass for my life, and there is no need for me to seek to find one. He might exist, but I have no choice except to ignore Him.

What if He has revealed Himself? On the other hand, if God has revealed His will to me in a way I can know it is from Him and can understand it, then I must seek to please Him. Will you take time to think about the fact that a man named Jesus lived on this earth and claimed He was God’s avenue of revelation of Himself? Sober-minded men must examine the evidence. Are you sober-minded? Are you ignoring Him?

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