God Did not Use “Texting” or “Email”

Think of the impact that texting and emails have had on our ability to communicate with each other. The younger generation sometimes finds itself “LOL” “BC” they just sent a “TXT MSG” to their “BF” to watch what was said “BCOZ” there was a “PLOS.” Later when the parent was no longer looking over the shoulder (PLOS), they sent another text message to say they were laughing out loud (LOL) because (BC/BCOZ) their best friend (BF) could now send any message they wanted. Soon they both were “ROTFLOL.” Ask any teacher what impact this has had on the ability on the younger generation and their ability to spell correctly. It seems to have no concern and so many are “rolling on the floor, laughing out loud.”

Aren’t you glad that when God chose to send His message by writing it down, He made sure every man of every generation could understand what He said. He chose words which were not limited to a certain group or to a certain period of time. How marvelous is His wisdom!

Think also about how easily a word misspelled can change the meaning of a sentence. One letter on an order blank could result in one who orders a coat receiving a goat or a boat or a moat. Transposing letters could create a similar situation. There is so much difference between unite and untie, caused by switching just two letters. Illustrations of both of these kinds of changes are so abundant.

Now think about this. When Moses delivered the Ten Commandments to Israel, were there any mistakes? Were there any transposed letters? Were there any misspelled words? Were there any words left out? The answer is obvious. God selected every word and wrote them down with His own hand. The message was too important to do it otherwise.

Is the same true of the New Testament? In the second chapter of First Corinthians, Paul declared that God had revealed in the first century those things which human eyes and ears had never seen or heard. God had revealed these truths which had never entered into the heart of any mortal! Then he made a startling affirmation. These truths were given, not in words taught by man’s wisdom, but in words taught by the Holy Spirit. Just as the finger of God had given the very words on the tablets of stone, the Spirit of God had given the very words on the pages of the New Testament.

Now since words are made up of individual letters, God selected the very letters of every NT word. It is so amazing—there were no misspelled words when He gave them!

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