Fighting Against God

Fighting Against God

Throughout Scripture we find mankind striving against God’s will. In Numbers 21–25 we read of several instances of this futile human versus Divine interaction. While the children of Israel are in the wilderness following the exodus from Egypt they have defeat snatched from the hands of victory. They call on God to deliver them from their enemy and then turn around and murmur against Him. Balaam has to have a discussion with his donkey to hear God and he was a prophet. Balak keeps saying “Let’s try over here.” “No?” “Let’s try over here…”

God wants you fighting... against sin... not Him.

God wants you fighting… against sin… not Him.

Is it really that hard to hear the Lord and do what He says? We certainly can be, and have been, hard on these fickle and unfaithful biblical characters, but do we not often act in the same way? Do we strive against God’s will in our own lives? If our interactions with God were recorded for future generations how might they view us? Foolish or faithful?

When faced with the reality of sin, death and eternity do we strive against God’s will for us to be saved, receive grace and mercy, and enjoy an eternal reward? When confronted with sinful behavior do we repent with godly sorrow or do we stubbornly and with prideful arrogance continue to walk in darkness believing we are in the light?

God is true. God is faithful. God is righteous. Do you really think you can fight against the will of God and live? Look to Jesus, humble yourself, and submit to His will today. One day you will bow your knee to Him. Better to do it now than to be forced to do it then. Be faithful!

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