Fall away from Grace?

Falling from Grace

The letter to the church at Galatia is one of the earliest, if not the earliest, of all the New Testament epistles. It was written because so many were being led astray from the faith so soon after having been converted to Christ (1:6). Paul warns the church to count such false teachers who lead people away from the faith in Christ as accursed (1:8). Important to this discussion is the idea taught by some that once saved you cannot fall away. Paul didn’t know this, neither did the Spirit teach it.

Once saved always saved?  Or what the Bible says?

Once saved always saved? Or what the Bible says?

Faith and obedience are intrinsically tied together not only when one comes to be in Christ through baptism (3:26–27), but also in remaining faithful in Christ (5:7). Also, Paul instructs those who are spiritual to “restore” any who fall away (6:1).
Seek to please God (1:10). Give no place to the false teacher (2:5). Bear each others burdens (6:2). Prove yourselves (6:4). Do good, and sow to the spirit to ensure everlasting life (6:7–10). Be faithful.

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