Ezekiel and Sin

Ezekiel and Sin

Chapter eighteen of the book of Ezekiel needs to be read, studied, and preached as much today as it did in Israel long ago. False doctrine concerning inherited sin permeates almost every denominational doctrine but is clearly refuted here by God (vs. 20–21).

Ezekiel accountable

Within the book of Ezekiel we find we are accountable for our sin.

Clearly God is indicating in this passage that each of us is accountable for ourselves and cannot blame God or others for our eternal fate. The soul that sins, it shall die. The righteous shall save his life.

One of the saddest spiritual situations I have ever witnessed is that of those who allow themselves to be deceived by false teachers. Not only will the false teacher be lost but those who listen to and believe them will also be lost. The consequences of false teaching and sin are inescapable and no one can save the unrighteous from themselves if they will not turn to God, repenting and obeying His truth.

God promises that there will be a remnant that will be saved and all will know that He is God. He is full of mercy and grace. He is a loving and righteous God. If a man will repent of his evil, turn in obedience to God, and faithfully walk in His ways, then this man shall save his soul. What life would we lay at the feet of God if we were called to stand before him in judgment today?

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