Evidences of Christians

Evidences of Christians

Words obviously have definitions and it is important to use words with a full understanding of what each word means. One of the problems which has led to religious division is a failure to define words of the New Testament as they were used in the first century. One would never come to the conclusion that sprinkling is baptism if we understood that the word “baptism” in the first century always meant “to dip, to submerge.”

Christian Evidences

Are there enough evidences to prove you are a Christian?

I recall years ago when knocking doors in New Zealand that we asked the man who came to the door what he was religiously. He knew he was something but had no idea what he was. So he shouted out to his wife and asked her what he was. In the broadest sense, he might have said he was a Christian, but had no idea beyond that.

New Zealand was an amazing place in so many ways. They viewed themselves as being a Christian nation, but only 3% of the people regularly went to worship. Obviously almost no one in there sang praises to God. Few of them had Bibles and even fewer read the Bible regularly. Their absence from assemblies meant they rarely gave anything to God. The Lord’s Supper was rarely observed. There was little evidence in their lives of Christ, yet they saw themselves as a Christian nation.

If a doctor has no office, has no patients, prescribes no medicine, diagnoses no illness, does no medical exams, and receives no pay, is he a doctor? Whenever he has stopped doing those things which doctors do, he is no longer a doctor.

If a farmer plows no land, buys no seed, plants no crops, feeds no animals, never harvests anything, is he a farmer? Whenever he has stopped doing those things which farmers do, he is no longer a farmer.

Now make the spiritual application of this principle. If a Christian stops attending worship, sings no hymns of praise, never bows his head to pray with others, never gives, never reads the Bible, never sits in Bible classes or hears sermons, is he a Christian? Whenever he has stopped doing those things which Christians do, he is no longer a Christian.

Let me make this same point in another way. Suppose our government were overthrown and all Christians were put on trial. Those found guilty were immediately slain. If this were to happen, would there be enough evidence to convict you? Think about this, what evidence is there to those around you that you are a Christian? If Christianity were outlawed, would you be alive or dead.

Remember the words of Jesus: “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father.” Do others know that you are a Christian?

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