Effective Everyday Evangelism

Effective Everyday Evangelism

Below is a shameless plug of a book written by a good friend, preacher, and fellow article writer: Doug Dingley.  The information is pulled from a flyer for his book.  Having read his previous book “More than Conquerors” and greatly appreciating its message, I have no doubt that this latest endeavor will leave you spiritually awakened and ready to serve.  Check it out! – Travis Main


Having been a member of the Lord’s church for any length of time, you have more than likely heard one of “those” comments: “Oh yeah, you’re the ones who think you’re the only ones going to heaven,” “You’re the folks who don’t believe in music,” or, “You believe in water/works salvation instead of salvation by grace through faith.”

Effective Everyday Evangelism

Effective Everyday Evangelism

I have been very blessed by God to recently have published: Effective Everyday Evangelism; the Adventures of Joe Clevelander & Chuck Churchman. It deals with how to faithfully, lovingly, biblically and effectively address such comments and questions – as well as the subject of homosexuality and the anti-biblical “Sinner’s Prayer for Salvation” amongst others – but how to do so on a simple, non-antagonistic, easy-to-understand level, utilizing everyday illustrations and examples from the world around us to help the biblically uninformed to better understand God’s truth. Heavily scripturally-referenced throughout and divided into 13 chapters with discussion questions at the end of each, plus, including an appendix of 7 very scriptural bible studies covering such things as God’s biblical plan of salvation and Christ’s one, New Testament, pre-denominational church, this book is ideal for either personal or congregational bible study, as well as to hand out to those you are seeking to see saved. Here’s what some others have said:

I loved the book! Not a one-trick pony, this book speaks volumes on evangelism but it does not stop there. Each chapter is filled with memorable stories that challenge the most seasoned Christian to fight the good fight, to love thy neighbor as thyself, and to always lean upon the word of God. But there is more. Thoroughly footnoted, this book is great for classroom discussion, personal study, or as an outreach tool. The depth of bible knowledge the writer possesses is clear throughout and always on point. This book is for the experienced preacher, new convert, and God seeker alike.

~Bear Valley Bible Institute Graduate & Gospel Preacher, Frederick Klein (See: www.southsidegr.org)

I have only known Brother Dingley for a relatively short amount of time, yet in that short time, he has demonstrated over and over his keen ability to thoroughly and yet simplistically open up the Scriptures. This gift is demonstrated once again in this book. As a preacher myself, I have witnessed the struggle people have teaching biblical principles in a way that is easy for everyone to understand. Brother Dingley has masterfully shown each of us simple ways to answer the most commonly asked questions regarding the Lord’s church. In fact, I found myself not just enjoying the delivery of the biblical answers but getting excited about getting this book into each of the members’ hands where I preach. I have no doubt that this book will be a great benefit to the kingdom of Christ and that God will be glorified even more by those that take to heart the valuable information presented in this fantastic writing.

~Brown Trail School of Preaching Graduate & Gospel Preacher, Landon Rowell

(See: www.gospel-preacher.com, & www.ramonacofc.com)

Check it out for yourself today at www.amazon.com/author/douglasdingley,

or order directly from www.jameskaypublishing.com!

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