I See You Dying, But What More Can I Do?

I stand beside his bed and know he is dying. His doctor has told his family to come to the hospital for the end is near. The disease that ravaged his body has won, and it is too late for any medication to help. The family has just discovered that for weeks and months he had not been taking the medication that would have destroyed the disease, and now, it is too late. I am watching him die. There is nothing which can now be done. Then he is gone; the grim reaper has taken him away. His parents, his wife, his children and other loved ones have a void in their lives that even time will not fill.

In retrospect, the family can recall several times when they should have known that he was getting worse. They tend to blame themselves for not saying something, but the reality is that their loved one just failed to do what he needed to do to deal with his sickness. He had the medication, but he chose not to take it. In the next few days before he is buried, every member of the family has to deal with their loss and try to make sense of all that has happened.

The question “Why?” is asked again and again. There is no answer. He is gone, and never again will he be in their lives to help as he once did.

I stand in the pulpit and know that some in the audience are dying. Not a physical death, but something far greater—they are dying spiritually. They once were involved in actively worshiping and serving the Lord. Then, slowly their faith and its ability to overcome the ravaging “disease” of sin has weakened. Once, they studied the Bible. Once, they came to all the services of the church. Once, they truly were changed by worshiping Him. Those are such wonderful memories.

Then it happened. Gradually, the “medicine” to strengthen their faith and overcome sin was gradually removed from their lives. They became so involved in their work, their recreation and their secular life that even when they came to worship it was not the same. They were dying; the disease was overtaking them, and they hardly realized it.

If there is no change the tentacles of worldliness and secular living will spread around their hearts, and there will be little room for their faith. They are dying and soon that death will leave their family in grief. Unfortunately, that same disease is already being spread in the hearts of those around them.

Will you reread this and understand that I may have you in mind as you read this? As I write this, I am thinking of specific members of this church. I am watching you die. There is hope, but not unless you change the way you are living!

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