Don’t Shirk Your Duties

Calling All Sinners!

Perhaps you have seen the old police TV show, Adam 12.  In this show as well as others the characters would be sitting “at large” in their vehicles and get a call on the radio: “calling all cars, calling all cars, please proceed to . . . .”  When they received this call, usually there was an urgent situation; it needed to be dealt with right away; any available cars were requested to go to this urgent situation.  Those police who neglected this call would be shirking their duties by not responding.

Will you fulfill your duty?

Will you fulfill your duty?

There are many “at large” today, but instead of responding to the urgent call to worship each week, they shirk their duty to God by not responding.  Are you one of those people who are “at large”?  God is “Calling All Sinners” today to attend the worship services of His church.  God doesn’t call you to attend “the church of your choice;” He calls you to attend the church of HIS choice!

In Acts 17:22-31 Paul the apostle called upon the people at Athens to stop worshipping idols and worship only God.  God demands that all obey this call (Acts 17:30, 31).  Idols are not necessarily made of sticks and stones; they can be made of silicon and tubes as well; they can be made of government paper, grass and dirt, wood and nails, and even of flesh and blood.  Anything that we place higher than God is an idol.

Are you worshipping in the church of God’s choice?  God is calling you to repent today.  If you need some directions answering the call, God’s church is here to help.  Give us a call and we will respond!  God bless you, and I love you.

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