Does Galatians 6:10 Authorize The Church to Give to Non-Saints? Part 1 (Introduction)

(Author’s note: This is my part of an e-mail discussion with a non-institutional brother on the subject of whether the church has Bible authority to give to non-saints. The discussion occurred by e-mail in February and March of 2003. It was an informal discussion in that there were no stated propositions upon which we were going to debate. There was also no time limit or word limit placed on the discussion. Prior to this point the person with whom I was discussing this information and I had agreed that there was such a thing as specific authority and general authority. I did not think that it was necessary to include this material because it was not specifically regarding Galatians 6:10 and it was mainly short personal statements of belief. It was based upon this agreement [that the Bible does authorize in a general way] that I began the discussion of Galatians 6:10. The e-mails and the name of the person with whom I was having the discussion are not included based upon an agreement not to publish his material without his consent. I have tried to eliminate any personal remarks within the material so as to focus solely on the topic at hand [such as, “How are you today, etc.”]. The premise which I was affirming was that Galatians 6:10 gives general authority to the church to give to non-saints.)

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