Do Not Flee as a Bird

Do Not Flee as a Bird to the Mountain

In Bible times, birds were hunted and served as delicacies for food. There were skilled archers whose arrows took the lives of those birds that fled. Their only hope was to run from the places of safety and flee to the mountains where they might escape. The psalmist, in the eleventh psalm, saw all of this and then used this illustration to affirm that God’s children do not need to flee. He said that it was folly for the enemy to chide the righteous and tell them to flee.

Do you flee like a bird?

Do you flee like a bird?

David’s answer to those who told him to flee was that his trust was in God (verse 1). Let the ungodly bring any “arrow” against him, but God’s children do not need to flee. We already have the surest foundation. David then speaks of four foundations which cannot be assailed. How timely these truths are in our day when the foundation of faith is being assailed.

We will prevail because God is in His holy temple. The ruling of the courts of our land redefining marriage has changed nothing. The real Supreme Court is not found in Washington. Nothing has changed about sexual orientation. It is God who is supreme and He alone has all authority—truth is determined from that throne where He sits in His holy temple (verse 4). We do not need to flee as a helpless bird. The foundation of truth is established by the Lord who abides forever.

We will prevail, for godly people see “arrows” as tests from God. David did not need to flee as a helpless bird from those things hurled at him from the ungodly. They were simply tests from God (verse 5). He saw adversity, not as a curse, but as that by which he would be strengthened. The truth is that the trying of our faith is one of the ways God helps us to mature in Christ and become perfect and lacking in nothing (see James 1:2-4).

We will prevail, for God will bring judgment on those who assail us. “Upon the wicked He will rain coals; fire and brimstone…” (verse 6). This is the big picture. When foundational truth we hold so dear is attacked, we must remember that God sits on His throne and His holiness will prevail. Fire and brimstone await those who oppose righteousness.

We will prevail, for God loves righteousness. David urged men to stand fast and not flee to helpless mountains when they were assaulted. Because of God’s nature, His violence awaits the ungodly, but “He loves righteousness, and His countenance beholds the upright” (verse 7). Every fiery dart of the Devil has been quenched by the shield of faith we have. He knows us; He knows our enemies; He sees us and His ears are open to us.

So when faith is attacked. Do not flee! Take time to fortify your faith!

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