Digital Bible Study Online Gospel Meeting

Digital Bible Study Online Gospel Meeting

Coming March 23rd, Digital Bible Study will begin hosting a daily Online gospel meeting during this challenging time for God’s people. Every day until the crisis is over, you can come to this page and connect to God and His people. We have organized 40 gospel preachers (and list continues to grow) who have graciously agreed to give their time to the effort of encouraging God’s people in a time of trouble. We hope you will use this effort as a daily point of connection to God’s family in the midst of great isolation.


Digital Bible Study

Digital Bible Study Daily Online Gospel Meeting Beginning March 23

Confirmed Speaker List:

Eric Owens
Dan Cates
Wayne Jones
David B. Jones
Greg Dismuke
David Sproule
Jeff A. Jenkins
Melvin Otey
Barry Girder
Cameron Freeman
Eric Garner
Eric Lyons
Terrance Brownlow
Hiram Kemp
Dan Jenkins
Lee Snow
Nathan Franson
Tony Clay
Ralph Gilmore
Barry O’Dell
Taylor Robles
Steve Higginbotham
Chuck Webster
Matt Amos
Jeff Archey
Don Blackwell
Mike Bonner
Chris Butler
Stan Butt
Scott Cain
Aaron Gallagher
Nathaniel Ferguson
Jake Sutton
Phil Sanders
Scott Harp
Adam Faughn


Join us in sharing and spreading the Joy of the Word of God!

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