Culture of Social Activism, Yes!  Jesus, No.

Culture of Social Activism, Yes!  Jesus, no.

For over two decades now I’ve been actively monitoring the church and our culture. Later today I will have lunch with a young man, who—like thousands of others—has abandoned his faith and walked away. I’ve listened to, studied with, debated, emailed, and talked with hundreds of individuals just like him over the past twenty-years.

social activism

They live for social activism and not Christ.

I have also heard the other side of the coin, and watched tears rolling down the faces of parents, as they share with me the story of how their child has left the faith.

But I’m seeing a new trend that has me alarmingly disturbed—to the point that I find myself lying in bed thinking about it. This morning I think I finally put my finger on it and my analysis terrifies me.

I am very scared that we have a huge population of Christians in their mid-twenties and thirties (and older I’m sure), who were never truly converted to Christ.

These are individuals who would call themselves Christians, and maybe even still attend worship somewhere—but their words and actions tell a totally different story.

Please allow me a moment to explain. I recognize every generation reaches a point where they look back at previous generations and they feel like previous generations failed or dropped the ball. My own generation certainly did it. As a result, new generations try make changes in things like the way they raise children or how they define success.

The group I’m talking about has pushed beyond that—moving the pendulum all the way to the other side, in hopes of abandoning anything their parent’s generation did. This generation has become obsessed with activism and cancel culture. They are openly against anything their parents’ generation accepted. They find meaning in various activist causes and believe that “love” trumps everything.

As a result, they don’t really have a problem with same-sex marriage or transgender behavior. They march and hold signs with friends declaring “My body, my choice.” And even though most grew up enjoying the comforts and amenities of capitalism, they now proudly support socialism and various liberal causes. If their parents were okay with fossil fuels then they are 100% behind wind, solar, and the Green New Deal.

Oh, and if you happen to not agree with them or their cause, they will promptly subject you to their “Cancel Culture” or label you a “Boomer.” (How ironic that the individuals who claim love trumps everything, are quick to cancel you or call you a derogatory name.)

I get generations wanting to “fix” things and abandoning some of the things their parents did. I really do. I don’t think the generation before mine did everything right (i.e., latchkey children and watching television for hours on end). And I am also humble enough to realize my generation was not exactly the poster child for perfection either.

But what troubles me, is these individuals are supporting causes and worldviews that are in direct contradiction of God’s Word. This has gone WAY BEYOND green energy or forms of government—and has now crossed into things that the Bible clearly speaks out against. Or worse yet, they now twist God’s Word to support the abominations they are supporting on social media.

This is why I think they were never converted to begin with. Deep down, in the recesses of their heart they don’t fear the Lord and want to humble themselves. Instead, they want to shout and be heard. These are individuals who were taught years ago what Scriptures say about things like abortion, same-sex marriage, etc. They know sin separates us from God and that Jesus is the only way.

And yet, today, they are boldly promoting causes that are in direct contradiction to what the Bible says. One wonders would these individuals ever consider “canceling” their friends who use foul language and write comments on social media that go against God?

These individuals have placed more allegiance with their social cause than with Jesus Christ.  They are compromising God’s Word and in many cases watering down His message. Sure, they may attend a church somewhere, but I don’t think their hearts were ever truly converted to Christ. In fact, I think the idea of humbling themselves and taking up their cross to follow after Him is revolting to many. After all, they are activists. They are going to change the world. They are social justice warriors. They need to be heard! My question is: Who are they changing the world for? Because it certainly isn’t God.

Church, we need to address this. We need leaders to speak out and speak up and defend God’s Word. We need preachers willing to rebuke and correct from the pulpit. We need to cultivate a climate of humility and servanthood in the church. We need to direct their passion and “activism” towards evangelism and the cross.

Parents, I pray you will spend some serious hours with your children teaching them the authority of God’s Word. I pray you will mold their hearts with humility and teach them to fear the Lord. I pray you will teach them that there is such a thing as absolute Truth and it only comes from the Bible. I pray that if your children grow up to be activists, that you will teach them to be activists for Jesus Christ.

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