Then What? Consequences!

Shortly before America entered World War II, the Japanese government looked to Admiral Yamamoto to plan an attack against the United States.  Though he was evidently leery of entering a war with the U. S., he believed the best way to cripple them was a surprise attack on the U.S. naval forces at Pearl Harbor.  He predicted that such an assault would give the Japanese control of the Pacific for maybe a year; yet he strongly believed that if the war lasted longer Japan would not win.  The implication was: “Yes, we can attack, but then what?”  Tragically, the attack occurred, resulting in tremendous loss of life; and eventually the U.S. answered with death and devastation, forcing Japan to surrender.


“Then What”? There are Consequences.

You know, sin is a lot like that.  Oh yes, one could easily do it, but it has devastating results.  Just ask David (2 Sam. 11-12).  Does a man have the capability of secretly taking another man’s wife? Yes.  But, “then what?”  David did not think about that, did he?  If he had, he could have saved himself a great deal of pain, shame, and guilt.  Or what of Achan (Josh. 7) or Gehazi (2 Kings 5)?  Could a person be clever and sly enough to acquire possessions that they have no right to have?  Sure. But, “then what?”  As a result of their sins Gehazi was stricken with leprosy and Achan and his entire family were slain.  They did not consider the possible consequences of sin, did they?  What a tragedy.

Friends, the next time you are tempted to sin, please stop and ask, “then what?”  Just remember, everything we do has consequences; and some things broken cannot be fixed.

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