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Is it acceptable to listen to Christian Music with Musical Instruments?

Well the Scriptures of God says, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” (Col. 3:16) Now, instrumental music is not commanded, it is not by faith, not in the name of Christ, not in doctrine, not in truth, not by hearing, not apostolic, not practiced in the New Testament, not mentioned in New Testament worship and not authorized as worship. Therefore, musical instruments in worship offends God and is an abomination because those who practice such things, transgresses the law.

However, this question does not deal with the worship assembly. We are talking about singing or listening to these types of songs outside of the worship. Substantially, worship is defined as “an act of reverence” (Matt. 2:2). So, if one listens to this type of music (with instruments) or plays an instrument out of his home (while singing songs such as these), why are you singing them in the first place? Now, if the use of mechanical instruments toward God in worship is sinful, it must also be concluded that when one is playing or listening to songs of praise to God, their heart begins to be focused on God. And when the heart is focused on God as the object or the path that we sing or play to, then worship in song is present. For, worship is never confined to the building. Worship is an act of reverence and therefore what a Christian does by singing songs of praise to God with the accompaniment of any instrument (other than the heart) and not call it worship, makes God unconvinced.

Furthermore, ask yourself this question: What kind of light are you allowing to shine when a friend hears you listening to religious songs with musical instruments, but at the same time, you turn to him or her and condemn them for doing the same thing each Sunday? We would lose our position to be effective because we would be practicing as they are, just not on Sunday. Now, do not mistake me, the sin does not lie within the instrument. The sin occurs when we introduce or direct our singing of praise to God with that instrument because this puts our hearts on heavenly things and becomes praises of worship to him. And if you do not think so, try singing Jesus is Lord and any place where it mentions Jesus or Lord, insert your name there and you will see that your mind will quickly stop singing that song.

Furthermore, if a person is alone and singing with focus on hallelujah praise Jehovah, I would fail to see how that person is not worshiping, praising, Jehovah. In addition, if the spiritual song is not to sing to him, then honestly, what is the point of singing the song in the first place? Also, if a person is processing the words through their heart while listening to the spiritual song, but played on CD along with a piano, guitar or any other instrument, it is still praise to God. Thus, what heart would allow instruments into one praise or worship and not the other? I believe that the world has tried to make a mockery of the Godhead by using them for the purpose of entertainment by which they have no authority to do so.

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