Cheer the Death of a Newborn Infant?

Cheer the Death of a Newborn Infant?

Not too long ago, the State of New York’s legislature passed legislation that permitted a woman to abort a child up to the time of birth. The governor signed the bill into law, and the legislature cheered. Not too long after this happened, Virginia’s recently elected governor proposed something along the same line. Such news saddens me because it tells me that our society is drifting further from God each day. Who, in their right mind, would cheer the death of a newborn infant? Yet, some would cheer the death of infants seconds from being born.

cheer infant

The newborn life of an infant is something to embrace.

The so-called pro-choice movement is not really for choice at all. They don’t want women to be presented with the facts of abortion. They don’t want women to be educated as to what happens when a baby is literally ripped from the womb. When women are given the opportunity to make a real choice, they will choose life. Many women are deliberately refused access to alternate information so that the abortion will not be refused. These political panderers don’t want women to have a choice. They would lose their money. It would also take away their political power.Their power and their money depend upon their being able to legally murder babies. Shameful.

Can those who get abortions be forgiven? Yes. God will forgive. It is heartening that many women who were formerly pro-choice are now pro-life. They will, however, live with the consequences of their choices and the memories of their actions. That is a high price to pay for “sexual freedom.” God, however, can change even the leopard’s spots, and can bring someone through such difficult struggles to where real joy may once again be found. We should pray for the women of our country, our local, state, and federal governments, and for those who have had abortions that we all may be healed.


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