Broken Hearts Like Jeremiah

Broken Hearts Like Jeremiah

In the five lamentations of Jeremiah one is struck with how personally the prophet takes the punishment of Judah and Jerusalem. They have been removed due to their sin, sin which Jeremiah pleaded with them to repent of and turn to God. But they refused. Jeremiah’s heart is broken over the desolation of the once great city of David and the derision that is spewed forth toward its remains. But in the midst of his wailing he reminds himself and the people of God of the wonderful mercies of the Lord and His impending judgment upon His enemies.

Jeremiah Grief

What causes your heart to Grieve?

When the church falls into sin do we mourn over her destruction? Do we weep over the ridicule hurled at her by her enemies? Do we seek the mercy of the Lord, His judgment upon His enemies, and a restoration of the old paths? Do we weep over the sins of our day? Do we care for the lost and dying?

If every Christian grieved like Jeremiah consider just how strong and glorious the kingdom on earth would be. How Christ would be exalted. How God would be glorified. It starts with me! Be faithful.

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