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Can One Person Make a Difference?  Absolutely!

20 Ways to Get Involved and Make Your World a Better Place

The world needs change.  Are you ready?

The world needs change. Are you ready?

It happens just about every weekend. A sincere Christian will approach me and ask: “What can we do about it.” I, myself, am not one to quickly grab a picket sign, so I can appreciate their question. What they really want to know is what the average person can do to help effect change in our nation. The following suggestions are meant to be starting points and not final answers. In fact, we would welcome additional suggestions from our readers. But here are just a few things Christians can do to help turn this world upside down—again.

  1. Read the Bible—it’s probably the simplest thing that Christians can do; unfortunately, the one thing that is often left undone. If the Word does not reside in our hearts, then we won’t be convicted and desire a change. Staying in the Word helps combat desensitization from worldly morals.
  2. Pray—another simple but powerful act. Take time each day to pray for the leaders of our country and the direction our nation is turning.
  3. Start at home—the remaining suggestions will be in vain if we neglect our own families. If we are going to repair the moral compass of this nation we must first ensure our own family knows right from wrong. Use daily activities to teach them biblical principles. [This one is a serious danger for many preachers, teachers, and business men who try to help “save the world,” but lose their own families. I speak from experience. I am on the road roughly 40 weekends per year, and thankfully my family is able to travel with me a great deal of the time.] Our family must see us live a wholesome life that honors God.
  4. Teach and preach the Truth—the time to worry about “political correctness” is over. Preachers and teachers must speak out where the Bible speaks out. The Bible condemns many of the actions taking place in the world today. It’s time people are reminded that these actions are still wrong! People seeking spiritual food do not need a bland, watered down version of the Truth. They need the whole Truth!
  5. Speak up—how many times have we heard Christians complain about television programming or the foul language used in movies? Now ask yourself: How many of those same Christians actually do anything about it? The FCC makes it simple and convenient to file a complaint. Just visit their Web site at In addition, do not be afraid to let advertisers know that you are going to turn off particular shows or events because of the immoral content—and remind them that if they continue to support that particular type of material you will take your dollars elsewhere. (Most advertisers are easily found on the Web.) Additionally, contact your local networks. Pick up the phone and call your local station, and lodge a complaint with the network headquarters as well.

To contact ABC

To contact NBC

To contact CBS

(A quick Google search will provide contact information for other networks.)

  1. Bump into people—Why not get your message across using a bumper sticker? (For those who don’t like to permanently place stickers on your car consider taping them to the back window) Consider this: If 1,000 people see your message every week that translates to more than 50,000 people per year. Also, many states have license plates that read “Choose life” or “In God We Trust.” Yes, they do cost more, but consider the message you are helping to spread. Custom stickers can be created at online stores.
  2. Turn the page—Libraries are used today more than ever. Why not donate Christian material to libraries or offices that have waiting rooms? This is a great way to get material into the hands of neighbors and coworkers.
  3. Talk it up—do politicians listen to their constituents? Well, ask yourself this question: Do they want to get re-elected? The best way to contact your congressman is by telephoning their local office. You can also email or send them a letter.

To contact the president of the United States:

To contact a US Senator, go to:

To contact a U.S. congressman, go to:

Or you can use Web sites such as Don’t forget about your local state politicians as well. Let your voice be heard.

  1. Take back the schools—it may be time to become an activist regarding public education. Many of the changes that have been made to the educational system are not “family” or “Christian”-friendly. Why not attend school board meetings (or join!)? Speak out when decisions are made that are wrong. Be an active parent who volunteers and is present on the campus. Ask teachers what you can do to help them in the classroom. In addition, find out how textbook committees are formed in your state and submit letters of recommendation. Select individuals who will not allow the tenets of atheism, evolutionary lies, and humanism to go unchallenged in textbooks.
  2. Write it up—Letters to the editor are a powerful “advertising” method for getting the word out to your neighbors. Form an “Editor’s Club” with friends who can monitor “Letters to the Editor” in local papers. Take turns writing responses whenever letters appear that are unbalanced, unfair, or immoral. Do not be afraid to correct people (in love), when they misstate that embryos are not human, evolution is a fact, or they espouse that our Founding Father’s were atheists.
  3. Consider alternatives—According to John Stauber, 40% of newspaper content—or more—is the result of organized PR campaigns. Consider alternative sources for news and information (see Media Bias in this issue). For instance, you might check out and Many Christians are turning off regular programs and tuning into conservative talk radio.
  4. Blog it out—Blog is short for “Web log,” an online journal for the public. Consider starting a blog devoted to Christian principles, pointing out problems in the community around you and as well as solutions for making things better.
  5. Boycott or attend—Many museums, plays, musicals, and cultural events provide are enjoyable and provide great information. However, some are unabashedly promoting corrupt values or ungodly ideals. If museums or theaters promote ungodly material make sure they know that you (and your entire congregation) will not be in attendance. However, if they bring wholesome material to your community, do your best to support their efforts.
  6. Clean it up—Ask store managers to remove “trashy magazines” and other immoral material from children’s eye level. If stores want to embrace those types of ideals then maybe we should rethink where we spend our shopping dollars.
  7. Get the Vote Out—Oftentimes Christians don’t bother voting because they have not taken the time to register. Many Web sites exist that help register voters. For more information see or Also, consider adopting someone who might need a ride on Election Day. When you enter the voting booth, ask yourself which of the election issues (i.e., tax reform, immigration, abortion, embryonic stem cell research, education, etc.) will really matter in eternity. If Jesus Christ returns the day after the election will it really matter how we voted on tax reform?
  8. Huddle up—seems like many Christians are reluctant to join groups or clubs because we don’t want to send the wrong message about supporting non-Christians. However, there are groups and organizations that are non-religious that we can support. There is something to be said for group of voices speaking out for a common good.
  9. Stay informed—frequently people utter the phrase “I didn’t even know about that” in regards to the latest onslaught in the Culture War. Take it upon yourself to know both sides of the argument so that you can effectively communicate an issue with friends and neighbors.
  10. Why not volunteer or even run—if you are aware of someone running for office who holds to the Old Paths, why not support them both financially and with your time and energy? If we are unwilling to put forth some effort then how do we expect things to change? For those who are able, why not consider running for local offices in your community?
  11. Wear it—One easy thing that Christians can do is wear shirts, pins, etc. that acknowledge Christianity. Many in society are doing their best in order to silence God. Why not wear something that says: “In God we Trust” or “As for Me and My House We Will Serve the Lord?”
  12. Stay active—Part of the reason we have to work so hard today is because we let our guard down for many years. Be proactive and get busy defending God’s Word today!
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