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Big Bang Proof Found?

Is it a coincidence that several movies are hitting theaters with religious themes (e.g., Son of God, God’s Not Dead, Noah, Irreplaceable) and the evolutionary propaganda machine is at full throttle? I think not.

Individuals who believe in God are suddenly finding several movies at local theaters that give them hope and do not castigate Christians as ignorant buffoons. So what is the response of those who have held the atheistic microphone for years? Stifle the momentum! Suddenly, we have “proof” for the Big Bang theory. In fact, some in the mainstream media are suggesting this latest proof demands it is no longer a theory. In other words: “Back in your closet Christians—don’t come out and share your beliefs with the world. There is no God—we are the result of a cosmic explosion.”

However, before you lose hope and give up the fight, you might be interested to know this is not the first time the evolutionary propaganda machine has announced such evidence—and it won’t be the last time. Not everyone is buying this latest announcement.

Creation Evolution Headlines has an excellent review in which they pointed out:

“What really happened is that a team with a sensitive detector dubbed BICEP2 in Antarctica found (they claim) some signals of B-mode polarization in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) – a very weak signal that leans on various models and the ability to identify noise to subtract out. They are interpreting swirls on a chart as evidence of gravitational waves (extremely weak and difficult to detect), which they infer were caused by inflation after the big bang, since producing those artifacts would have required very high energy according to theory. They believe they have ruled out foreground artifacts that might have distorted the signal, but that remains to be confirmed.”

Science reporters are going nuts with the announcement simultaneously (showing they are all in cahoots with embargoed news, like horses ready to charge out of the racing gates; this BICEP2 study has been going on for years)., in particular, is finding creative ways to capitalize on the “spectacular” announcement with advertisement-cluttered video clips, interviews, photo galleries and infographics, obviously prepared in advance for the big publication day.

The ironic thing is none of the big announcements touch on the major problems of the Big Bang. Where did the matter come from for the Big Bang? Who or what pulled the trigger? How does science explain the suspension of so many “laws” of science? Instead they seem to relish in the idea of espousing the Big Bang is no longer a theory—but rather a “fact.”

CEH continues:

“Deeper reading shows it might be appropriate to hold the horses.

First of all, the experiments are highly theory-laden. It’s a bit like reasoning, “Major premise: If space aliens visited Mars, they would have left faces. Minor premise: a face has been found on Mars. Conclusion: Space aliens visited Mars.” Only if cosmologists assume certain things about what inflation might do to the cosmic microwave background can they claim inflation caused what they think they see. This signal, for instance, would have had to be imprinted on spacetime almost half a billion years before the CMB became visible. Confirmation bias is a common problem in science and in everyday life (that’s why Karl Popper proposed falsification as a criterion for science.)

Second, the data are extremely tenuous. Gravitational waves are notoriously weak. Additional support may come from data now being crunched by the ESA’s Planck telescope’s team. But again, interpretations of the reduced data set after signals considered uninformative are tossed out are not free of theory bias. The team is claiming, nonetheless, that the signal is stronger than expected.

Third, even the “discoverers” of the ripples admit it is premature to conclude their favored interpretation (inflation) is correct.”

In other words, these researchers are seeing what they want to see. This is expected from individuals precommitted to ruling out the possibility of God. How many times has an announcement like this one seen a quiet retraction or “correction” months later that is never picked up by the mainstream media? I suspect this will be the case with this latest announcement as well. In fact, Answers in Genesis’ Dr. Danny Faulkner points out that this is the third time that cosmic inflation has been reported, and both times previously the reports were proven to be false, including a claim just last year.

Big news? Not exactly. Big speculation and presupposition would be a better title. At the end of the day Christians should have hope. The very existence of the universe continues to declare the handiwork of an all-powerful God.

Sources: “Has Cosmic Inflation Been Discovered?” Creation Evolution Headlines, Web,, 17 March 2014.

Dr. Danny Faulkner, “Has Cosmic Inflation Been Proved?” Answers in Genesis, Web,, 17 March 2014.

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