Beyond the Galaxies

Life Beyond the Galaxies

You may not be aware of it, but for many years, scientists have been listening for messages from distant stars and galaxies hoping to discover that intelligent life exists beyond our solar system. Without getting into whether such could ever happen, let’s assume that their dream could be reality. With that assumption, it then would follow that perhaps those beyond our world could be listening to discover if there might be intelligent life on earth. If such were true, what would they be discovering about us?

what would life beyond the galaxies think

What would life beyond the galaxies think?

How would they feel toward the hypocrisy of protecting turtles still inside eggs buried in the sand, while providing no protection for humans inside the womb? How would they feel toward our passing laws to not only make such slaughter of infants legal, but passing laws to encourage it to happen? How would they feel to discover there are buildings throughout America to insure that humans are being ripped from the bodies of women some 4,000 times every day?

What do you think they would think about how we regulate the meals of children in school to keep them from being overweight, but providing protection for the rights of all adults to drink as much alcohol as they like? What do you think they would think about our practice of providing alcohol which results in fighting, strife, abuse of marital partners and the countless loss of lives in automobile accidents?

How would they explain the worldwide attacks, often resulting in deaths, which are happening every week on innocent individuals simply because they believe in Jesus? How would they explain the terrorists entering schools, synagogues and churches, selecting those who believe in Jesus and taking young girls to become sexual toys for ungodly men while leaving behind the mangled bodies of Christians? How would they explain the public mocking and ridicule of believers in Jesus in America—a land which was founded upon the principles of the right for every citizen to have freedom of religion? How would they explain such animosity toward those people who only want to humbly serve the man of Galilee?

The truth is that there are those beyond our galaxy who see all of this. Not some weird, grotesque looking aliens who are perplexed by this but by Deity who created all of universe and then became flesh, living in a body identical to ours. It is this One who sees the insanity of all that is happening who will return someday. Before Him all nations will be gathered to be judged. Before Him all who have ever lived will be resurrected to answer for their actions. He understands the answer to all of the evil around us. The answer is sin! God help our nations to understand what is happening. God help us!

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