Attitude and the Psalmist

Attitude and the Psalmist

As we read through the Psalms it becomes increasingly evident that there is a tremendous difference in the attitude of the Psalmist and the attitude of most people (even Christians) today. In Psalm 56–60 the faithful oppressed and afflicted; tormented and tested; abused, cursed, and neglected, never turns from God, never complains, never gets reacts with wrath or vengeance. Instead he always turns to God, asks His favor, and leaves it with Him.

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How is your attitude in the eyes of God?

What a great lesson for us when we think things are not going as we think they should. We live in a very selfish, greedy, and impatient society. We want, we think, we feel, we wish, and we want it now. When things don’t go our way, when we feel neglected, trou-bled, and rejected, how do we respond? When others take us for granted, abuse us, frustrate us, lash out at us, how does the faithful Christian react? The fact is, we cannot control how anyone acts or what others do, but we can our response. Take it to God, leave it with Him. He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7).

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