Absolute Truth

Are You Absolutely Sure?

Our world is so strange in that it no longer believes there are truths which are unchangeable and absolutely true. Have you ever considered the paradox when many say that there is nothing which is absolutely true? Can you see the absurdity in a statement which affirms an absolute truth? How can one be absolutely sure that nothing is absolute!

Failure to believe in absolute truth impacts our nation. Our nation was founded on the principles that our forefathers described as truths that are self-evident. They affirmed that all men are created equally and are endowed by the Creator with unalienable rights like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It was on this basis that God blessed America and exalted it above all nations. The foundation of our nation was a self-evident, absolute truth—we exist because the Creator created us equally. Now remove the absolute truth that God is and we have been created by Him, and the results are schools where it is forbidden to acknowledge Him in prayers, to teach the moral precepts from the Book given by the Creator and the abortion of nearly 57,000,000 citizens. God is! You can be absolutely sure of this!

Failure to believe in absolute truth impacts our religious world. Our religious world is filled with the concept that what might be truth for one might not be truth to another.  There are very few who view the Bible as the basis of absolute unchangeable truth. Look at the maze of denominationalism and you see the fruit of this view of truth. It makes no difference how you worship, what names you wear religiously, what you view about marriage and divorce, what you believe about homosexuality or how you determine what is moral. How strange this view would seem to the early church who steadfastly followed the apostles’ teachings. How strange it looks to the Creator who gave us the Book of absolute truth.

Failure to believe in absolute truth impacts our homes. The homes of many Christians are being devastated because some have forgotten the absolute truth about God hating divorce, Biblical teaching about divorce and remarriage, the role of husbands and wives in the home and the parents’ role in molding and shaping the lives of children. God has spoken. The failure to see His words as absolute and to apply them in our homes is killing us!

God has spoken. Jesus declared that the only way of life is to live by every word which comes from God’s mouth. God has spoken. His words are eternal. His words are understandable. His words are sovereign. His words are unchangeable. His words are truth. His words are absolute truth!

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