A Sermon Everyone Should Hear

This past Sunday I was able to hear the most outstanding sermon I ever hope to hear on one of the most difficult topics which can be addressed. The world has rejected purity, godliness and holiness. Because of the world’s influence many Christians have lost sight of how clearly God has revealed His will regarding sexual immorality, lasciviousness, lust, dancing, inappropriate touching, co-habitation, immodesty and pornography. How blessed this church is to have David Sproule who addressed these matters. He did not just “knock it out of the park,” he “knocked it out of the parking lot.”

There is a need for this sermon. The need is worldwide. What congregation has not been impacted by the dress of those in our worship assemblies? What congregation has not had to deal with illegitimate children and promiscuity? What congregation has not seen a drastic swing in perversion of sex in all forms?

There is a need for this sermon with the right attitude. The content of David’s sermon was a call to the sanctification God wants us to manifest. I have never heard a finer use of the Scriptures. However, another vital factor of this sermon was David’s compassionate attitude and fervent appeals for purity. He touched our hearts because God had touched his!

There is a need for this sermon with a fresh approach. How many lessons have been preached about this over the years and how many Christians have “tuned out” and “switched channels” when they saw the direction of the sermon. There was no “switching channels” as David pointed out how we, like the ancient Greeks, still worship at pagan temples—we have just changed the names of those gods. You may not remember the four modern Greek “gods,” but you will never forget how those “gods” are now worshiped.

There is a need for this sermon to change lives. The closing moments of the sermon were the best. The beginning of the sermon, “This is the will of God, even your sanctification” (1 Thess. 4:3), and how it was used at the conclusion was masterful. It spoke to the heart of those who are serious about their personal relationship with God.

There is a need for this sermon in the lives of those who read these words. If you missed it, that sermon is on our website with the accompanying slides. If you know of others who need this lesson, contact the church and we have both CDs and DVDs of the lesson. How I wish that every Christian would listen to this lesson, prayerfully. How I wish that families would listen to it and talk about it together. How I wish that this same lesson could be practiced by Christians around the world. His will is for us to be sanctified!

[ http://www.pblcoc.org/media/text/93 – Sermon Link added by Admin]

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