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Gossip and Slander

Gossip and Slander… Versus “Speaking the Truth in Love.” There seems to be an inordinate amount of confusion in the church today regarding what does – and what does not – constitute the sins of gossip and slander. Make absolutely … Read More

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How to Handle Biblical Discussions

Several weeks ago, I immensely enjoyed sitting in a Sunday morning class that Kevin Cauley taught. Within the overall framework of the theme of “Denominational Doctrines,” his topic that day was on “Denominational Doctrines about Denominationalism.” As such, he covered … Read More

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And He Wants Me to Be Honest

It sure sounded good. I’m talking about the inheritance letter I received from a lawyer (Peter Greenwood from Eastcote, London, England), which began, “I am the legal representative to the late J. Jenkins, an American national who herein shall be … Read More

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Walking in Darkness

Have you ever tried to walk in the dark? I do it frequently because of having to get up during the night. I also usually walk in the dark for a few moments after everyone has gone to bed when … Read More

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