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Are You Suffering?

Suffering?  Don’t Give Up! There is not a single person that has not endured human suffering. It seems that some people go through more than their share of suffering, but such is the normalcy of life. Many of us have … Read More

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Living with Pain

Living with Pain When there are those in pain around us, we feel helpless.  We may stand beside them, hug them, tell them that we love them as we observe their tears, listen to their cries and realize that there … Read More

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A Loving God & Suffering

“A loving God wouldn’t allow bad things to happen” The scenario has occurred too many times to count. We open our Facebook or Twitter accounts and discover a well-known Christian is battling cancer, or we read about a teenager who … Read More

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Innocent to Suffer

Why Does God Allow The Innocent To Suffer? When an innocent child suffers and then dies, such as with the case of David and Bathsheba’s first child (2 Samuel 12:13-24), the parents are often given sympathetic answers from people who … Read More

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