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Spiritual Junk Food

Don’t Fill Your Life with Spiritual Junk Food Satan is real, and he knows how to keep humans preoccupied with things that ultimately don’t matter much. Humans spend countless hours enjoying things like sports, crafts, and various hobbies. While these … Read More

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Look at the Soul

What Do You See? There was that day when Samuel learned a lesson so many of us never learn. The prophet had been sent by God to the house of Jesse to anoint the new king who was to replace … Read More

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Jesus saw souls! We usually see what we are looking for. We tend to get focused on a single matter and fail to see all that is happening around us. Determined to purchase a special item in a store often … Read More

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Can We Neglect Our Souls Salvation? There is no doubt to the Bible student, that the majority of people in the world will be lost (Matthew 7:13-14). This means that these will not so act as to “save themselves” by … Read More

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