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Body, Spirit, and Soul?

What is the difference between body, spirit, and soul? First, I am assuming that you are referring to an individual person. Second, I am also assuming that you are asking this question in reference to what the Bible teaches or … Read More

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Hope is Our Anchor

Hope is Our Anchor Our theme for this year is With GOD We Can, and the emphasis for this month is that with Him we can anchor our hope in Christ. Our world is so complex and is so rapidly … Read More

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Your Soul

What Will You Do With Your Soul? There comes a point in everyone’s life that we must decide what we are going to do about our spiritual status. God has placed before every responsible person the choice of whether or … Read More

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Hope, an Anchor for the Soul

An anchor is a heavy object that is used to make fast a vessel at sea. It prevents the ship from moving either with the current or from the force of wind, or both. A vessel at anchor is safe … Read More

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