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Blah Days

Even During Those “Blah” Days I have often wondered about those “in-between” years — the years in Bible heroes’ lives that passed by with little more than a single verse acknowledging that time had moved on. For instance, Adam was … Read More

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That’s Not Love

When Love Really Isn’t Love There are a great number of religious bodies today which advertise themselves as loving bodies of believers. This is fantastic and the way Christ’s Church should be identified. In fact, Jesus told his disciples the … Read More

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I Do Not Know You I remember hearing a story one time of a groupie of a famous singer who tried to get backstage after a concert.  All the man wanted to do was to meet the object of his … Read More

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The Need for Benevolent Christians Personified wisdom declares plainly that a righteous, godly person is one who is benevolent (Prov. 14:21, 31; 19:17; 28:27; 29:7). Whenever we place material things first in our lives, we will find covetousness, greed and … Read More

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