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Pavlova Preaching?

Pavlova Preaching? …I had the privilege and honor to teach and preach at the Sandy Bay church of Christ. This special group of Christians praised God with their beautiful singing, worshipped together, and fellowshipped after services, just like I have … Read More

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Jesus & Evangelism

The Perfect Example of Evangelism Jesus not only preached to masses of people throughout His ministry here on earth, but He also knew the importance of teaching the individual. In seeing Him as the perfect example of evangelism, notice several … Read More

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Preaching the Truth or Not

He preaches the truth, or does he? I was recently talking to a member of the church in another city who was considering leaving the present congregation to attend a larger congregation that recently had hired a new preacher. This … Read More

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Preacher 101

If your preacher were to stand before you one day and ask for a show of hands as to how many people know and understand completely, everything there is to know and understand correctly, about the bible in its entirety, … Read More

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