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Paul was Against Baptism?

Paul was Against Baptism? Many in Christendom believe that baptism is not something one is required to do in order to be saved, even though both Jesus and Peter said differently (Mark 16:16; 1 Pet. 3:21).  One of the reasons … Read More

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Runners and the Race

Runners and the Race It was 490 years before Christ when the Greeks began to overthrow the oppression they suffered from Persia. In a major decisive battle, the Greeks defeated the Persians and one of the victorious soldiers, Pheidippides, ran … Read More

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Trying to Find Paul

Forget About Waldo, Where’s Paul? The Bible is consistent and inspired. However, many try to find “mistakes” or “contradictions” in the holy text. One area where this is the case, is that of Paul’s whereabouts following his conversion. Important areas … Read More

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Just a Question

The Question Everyone Should Face When Ananias came to Paul, he asked one question which each of us should face. He was hesitant to come to meet Saul of Tarsus, who was to become the great apostle Paul, because Paul … Read More

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