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Bearing Fruit

Bearing Fruit In Luke 3:8 John tells the people to “bear fruits worthy of repentance.” There are those who will proudly proclaim that no one has to do anything in order to be saved and loudly complain about a perceived … Read More

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Importance of Obedience

Importance of Obedience As Jesus began teaching, He went to a mountaintop and with His disciples around Him, He startled those who heard Him by the way He preached. “When Jesus had ended these sayings, the people were astonished at … Read More

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Discipline is In

Discipline is In All of us have watched fads come and go. As time passes we change makeup, hemlines, and hairstyles. Some might remember plaid pants, bell-bottoms (the 1st time), parachute pants, or stone washed jeans. Manufacturers love for fads … Read More

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What is that to You Sometimes I think children tend to believe that their parents are unfair to them (whether they are or not). A classic example might be when one child is told to go to bed while their … Read More

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Obedience and Jesus

Jesus, Traditions and Obedience I find it remarkable that some have thought that Jesus’ rebuke of the devotion of the Jewish leaders to their traditions minimizes the importance of obedience. It is true that He had little regard for the … Read More

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