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Ten Commandments Today?

Are we to follow the Ten Commandments? Are they written for us? Your question really involves two separate questions with which I want to deal with separately. First, let’s ask the question, “Were the Ten Commandments originally written for all … Read More

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Moses, God, & Pharaoh

The Hardening of Pharaoh’s Heart In Exodus 5, we see Moses first encountering Pharaoh after God commissions him to lead His people out of Egyptian bondage. It began with a simple request, but Pharaoh responded, “Who is the Lord, that … Read More

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When Was Moses?

What Pharoah Dynasty Was Moses In? In the lists of Pharaohs of Egypt, there are many “dynasties.” A “dynasty” is a group of rulers who rule in succession from parent to child. Sometimes dynasties simply die out, but usually a … Read More

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In the Midst

As I was recently contemplating a familiar account to most of us in Genesis 2, I found an extremely interesting point with regards to the creation. When God created the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve, he placed both … Read More

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