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That’s Not Love

When Love Really Isn’t Love There are a great number of religious bodies today which advertise themselves as loving bodies of believers. This is fantastic and the way Christ’s Church should be identified. In fact, Jesus told his disciples the … Read More

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Jesus and Scandal

Jesus, Ferguson, Scandals, and Headline News “Police Officers shot in Ferguson,” the headlines declared. The mainstream media was scrambling to determine how badly the officers were injured and to provide as many details as possible, adding to the already palpable … Read More

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Hasty Judgment

Do Not Make a Hasty Judgment A couple arrived at the theater and proceeded to their seats. As they went down the aisle, they arrived at their seats only to find a man sprawled over them. The wife looked at … Read More

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Judge and Jury

Judge and Jury Years ago, I did something for the first time that I had wanted to do ever since my twelfth grade government class—I served on a jury. On the day I received the summons letter, I was so … Read More

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The End Approaches

As The End Approaches When Paul wrote his epistle to the church at Rome, he reminded them of the urgency of being prepared for whatever was in their future. The Romans knew the times that lay before them (13:11), and … Read More

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