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Two Different Types of Attitudes How important it is that Christians have the right attitude? Attitude greatly affects one’s relationship with God. A proper attitude is demonstrated through proper obedience and service to God. Examine the following attitudes and see … Read More

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Many think morality will save them. But, we read of the good man, Cornelius, who was morally good, but he was not a Christian and therefore, not saved. Cornelius was a Roman centurion of Caesarea in Palestine and one of … Read More

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Manasseh! Throughout our lives, we come across all kinds of people. Some leave a very positive impact on us, while others affect us in a negative way. It’s kind of like the sign I once saw in an office that … Read More

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Seeking Peace and Contentment in Life There is within the heart of most people a desire for safety, freedom of thought, and opportunity to succeed in desired endeavors they may attempt. This is not just some utopian ideal; this is … Read More

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