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God’s Grace and Our Faith

God’s Grace and Our Faith As I travel across this nation working in various places, I meet a lot of people who claim Jesus Christ as their savior and when you engage them in conversation about their beliefs, they have … Read More

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Grace and an Umbrella

The New Testament is replete with references to God’s grace and mercy.  The word “grace” in this sense means, “unmerited (unearned) divine favor or kindness.”  Accordingly, the word “mercy” means, “divine compassion or forbearance.”  The two terms are relative.  When … Read More

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Faith Renewed by Grace

Why Does Our Faith Need to Be Renewed? In Genesis 12, God calls Abram from Ur of the  Chaldees in Mesopotamia and provides a covenant  of great promise to him, but just three chapters later  (Gen. 15), we see God … Read More

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