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In the Image of Man

In the Image of Man And Man Said, ‘Let Us Make God In Our Image, According To Our Likeness’ – (Genocide 1:26) Yes I know… the above title may look somewhat like a meaningless misprint at first glance, but sadly, … Read More

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A World Without God

Our World Without God It is difficult for us to imagine, but have you ever thought what this world would be like if God had totally removed Himself from it? What if when every thought of man was on evil … Read More

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The Eyes of God

He Sees Everything From false balances and just weights to pride and humility Proverbs 11–15 reminds us of the vast dichotomy between the righteous and the wicked. In a world that seems to ever blur the lines between good and … Read More

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Tyre, Babylon, and God

God Treats the Wicked Fairly The city of Tyre is mentioned nearly sixty times in seventeen books of the Bible. This ancient Phoenician city occupies an important place in both Bible and world history. Many great truths are understood as … Read More

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