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Confusing Leaders

Confusing Leaders Churches of Christ are technically “elder-led” (1 Peter 5:1-3). They use various Scriptures to point out that it is the elders that shepherd the flock and guide them in their walk with God, during worship and also keep … Read More

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We Need More Timothy’s

We Need More Timothy’s We need as many “Timothys” in the church as we possibly can have—both young men and young ladies. These young people are becoming spiritual leaders in the church. “Timothys” just do not accidently happen. To understand … Read More

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We Need

We know from studying the evidence that God is the perfect designer. Beyond just designing the universe we see in impeccable detail, though, He also perfectly designed the family and the church as institutions in which we can love each … Read More

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Prayer, Oil, and the Sick

“The Prayer of Faith Shall Save the Sick” There are many difficult passages of the Bible. The language in some of them is rather obscure, and sound brethren differ as to their meaning. In James 5:14-15, James uses language that … Read More

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