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St. Paddy’s Day Fallout: Alcoholic Beverages

St. Paddy’s Day Fallout: Social Drinking It is inevitable that objections come whenever biblical truth is proclaimed.  There are several reasons for this.  Some might sincerely object out of ignorance to what the entirety of the Scriptures teach on a … Read More

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Social Drinking

Social Drinking! In general, it seems as if our generation is heavily influenced by the cultural changes that we have seen in the past several decades. While at one time not too terribly long ago, Christians would stand united against … Read More

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Beverage Alcohol

There is nothing right about beverage alcohol.  As reported by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, 12,998 people were killed as a result of “alcohol impaired” drivers.    By comparison, the number of U.S. Casualties in the wars in Iraq and … Read More

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