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Untrained Children

Fighting Atheism’s Influence in the Home God does exist. All of the best-sellers in the world that espouse otherwise will not change that fact. But if we really expect our children to believe and follow the One True Living God, we must start thinking outside … Read More

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God, Our Father

God, Our Father The first thing that Jesus gave to His disciples as a model for their prayers is a portrait of God. John records, “No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in … Read More

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Mothers of Successful Children

Being Mothers of Successful Children Robert R. Taylor, Jr., in his work “Christ in the Home,” speaks of the unique role of motherhood. He says that the child whom a mother brings into the world “will in a few years … Read More

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Children with Religion

Why I’m Rearing My Children WITH Religion Several months ago, I read an article entitled, “Why I’m Raising My Kids without Religion,”1 and my problem with the article began right with its title. First, parents may raise corn, raise the … Read More

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