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Articles Written by Brad Harrub. Brad is the founder of . Brad’s lessons are independent of all other teachers at “Church of Christ Articles”. Though many of his views including an understanding of Biblical authority and God’s plan of salvation for mankind are identical to the other writers at this website, there are areas in which his teachings may be different. He encourages anyone who reads his articles to utilize scripture to see if the things he teaches are according to the truth taught by the apostles and prophets.

Why the Continual Suffering?

Roadway Paved with Tears In hindsight, most individuals begin questioning the little things. Why couldn’t they have been stopped at a traffic light or why couldn’t the road have been just a little wider at that particular spot. But these … Read More

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Leftover Embryos?

Why Note Use the Leftover Embryos? On February 5, 2006, Ford Field in Detroit hosted Super Bowl XL. While the New Orleans Superdome is now referred to as the “shelter of last resort,” it holds the honor of having hosted … Read More

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