What Does Your God Look Like?

How do you respond to tragedy? How do you determine moral issues like abortion, sexual perversion, divorce and honesty? How do you decide how to treat your enemies and those who mistreat you? It all depends on the concept you have of God. When you think of God, how do you view Him?

If we think of God as a myth, our view of life will be so different from those who believe He is a reality. The meaning of life is often seen as being limited to the brief time we live on this earth. Those who see Him as a myth often adopt a hedonistic philosophy expressed by the ancient Greeks as, “Let us eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.” There is no hereafter and there are no laws governing them.

If we think of God as a reality who has little concern about mankind, then we will be filled with despair and helplessness when confronted by the events in our lives. There is no help from above and we are left alone to deal with adversity. We are forced to live a life of uncertainty and doubt and life has little meaning. He may exist, but there is no help!

If we think of God as a tyrant, then our lives will be governed by fear of failure. To please Him we must live a life of perfection, for while He may be just, His justice will never be tempered by mercy. The one-talent man, who hid the money entrusted to him, dreaded the return of his master and cowered in fear of having to give an account of the use of that money. There was no joy in his life, only fear of accountability.

However, if we think of God as one who is intimately connected with us and our lives, then our lives take on new meaning that others simply cannot understand. We have a peace which passes understanding and moral decisions are not determined by our own wisdom. We do not react impulsively when dealing with others who do us wrong, but our response was determined long before their evil action. We look at marriage so differently, for it is God’s gift to us from the One who ordained it and governs it. Our view of the unknown future, even death, cannot be comprehended by those who do not share this view of Him. He has His hand on the helm and we are sure that the best is yet to be and whatever comes can never kill our hope.

We must think of God as He really is and that understanding can never be gained without spending hours and hours inside the book He has given us. Read it. Read it often. Meditate on it. Determine that you will not just know facts about God, but that you know God! God is great! God is good! God is love! Know God and you will understand life!

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