We Need More Timothy’s

We Need More Timothy’s

We need as many “Timothys” in the church as we possibly can have—both young men and young ladies. These young people are becoming spiritual leaders in the church. “Timothys” just do not accidently happen. To understand the part you play in their growth, consider the influences in the life of Timothy, Paul’s young companion.

are you developing a timothy

Are you Developing a Timothy?

“Timothys” are made because of the influence of parents and grandparents. Paul’s son in the faith came from an unusual background.  From early childhood, there was the influence of his mother and grandmother (2 Tim. 3:15; 1:5). His father was a pagan, yet such did not keep Lois and Eunice from shaping his life. The home shapes the lives of all of us.

“Timothys” are made because of the influence of congregations they attend. When Paul decided to take Timothy with him on his second missionary journey, the brethren at Lystra and Iconium spoke highly of him (Acts 16:2). Imagine how Timothy must have felt knowing that many brethren would stand up and support him. Lois and Eunice knew of his faith and, as he grew, others saw it.

“Timothys” are made because of the influence of elders. We know very little of the details of that time when the eldership laid their hands on young Timothy, but that influence of church leaders had to shape his life tremendously (1 Tim. 4:14). When Paul and Barnabas were sent out as missionaries, the church laid hands on them to signify the importance of their work (Acts 13:3), and perhaps this same thing happened to Timothy. Even without knowing the details we can see the important role elders played in his life.

“Timothys” are made because of the influence of preachers. Paul taught Timothy the gospel, and he was the first preacher who molded the young man’s life. He also knew Barnabas, Silas, Sopater, Aristarchus, Secundus, Gaius, Tychicus and Trophimus (Acts 20:4). These men traveled with Paul and Timothy and no doubt were part of Timothy’s growth.

“Timothys” are made because of the influence of members of the church. Timothy knew Lydia, the jailor at Philippi, Aquila, Priscilla, Crispus, Sosthenes, Gaius and a host of unnamed Christians in every church he visited. His life is such a vivid illustration of the importance of every member shaping the lives of younger Christians.

“Timothys” are being made in the church today. Take time to pray and think about the role you can play in being part of this great work today at this congregation. Get involved in the lives of our young people. The destiny of the church lies in their hands. They need your influences on them!

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