Three Men Hear the Gospel

In 1 Corinthians 2 and 3 the apostle Paul mentions
three types of people to whom the gospel is

1. The Natural Man (2:14): this one is exposed to the
gospel of Christ – but rejects it.

2. The Carnal Man (3:1-4): in this sense, this  one
initially receives the gospel but will not allow his
conduct of life to be transformed by it.

3. The Spiritual Man (3:1): this one both receives the
gospel and allows his conduct of life to be
transformed by it..

Three heart patients went to the doctor.  The doctor
warned each of them concerning their problem and
gave them strict instructions to follow.  The first man
thought it foolish, continued in his bad health and
died (cf. 1:18).  The second man heeded the doctor’s
advice, but made no changes to correct it, and he
died (cf. Lk. 8:12).  The third man heeded the advice
and made the necessary changes – and he lived on.
Which man best describes you?

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